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New York Auto Show: Toyota’s 3-row Highlander SUV gets a redesign

Market GIOCO. Twój Sklep Ze Zdrową Żywnością

To welcome spring in the chicest of ways, last evening Shopbop and Malone Souliers gathered an intimate group to celebrate the launch of the shoe brand’s latest capsule collection—available online at Shopbop. Hosted at the West Village’s Little Owl the Townhouse, the dinner was filled with tables adorned with flowers and candles aplenty. Guests enjoyed dinner, chatted, and even scrolled through the collection that had just been released.

Capes came to town several years ago and then dwindled away again, but if you loved the look you’re in luck as it’s back for autumn. Female empowerment has been at the forefront of people’s thoughts, the news and social media, especially with more and more discussions about closing the gender pay gap happening throughout the world. Seen at the likes of Erdem, Missoni and Isabel Marant, it’s going to be a key piece to own.

What was really interesting about fashion at that time was the way rock ’n’ roll heroes like Jimmy Page, Marc Bolan and David Bowie blended the genders so beautifully. It’s really relevant today. So in those days, the guys were all wearing their girlfriends’ clothes and digging through their wardrobes wearing their flares and their scarves and their blouses.

So when I look at my fashion icons from the ’60s and ’70s, they’re all men, but it’s the idea of women who are dressing like those men who are wearing their girlfriends’ clothes

Treat the idea like a game.

Fans were delighted by the funny video, with one writing: “This is priceless,” while another added: “She is the best!” However, one fan was quick to point out an inconsistency with the series, as Monica and Chandler had in fact moved out of that apartment by the series finale, and wrote: “That’s not your home anymore, you moved with Chandler.” Although there doesn’t seem to be much hope of a Friends reunion episode any time soon, the creator of Friends recently opened up about what the characters would be up to these days, and revealed whether he thought Ross and Rachel’s relationship would last the test of time.

Mining diamonds has a host of possible negative side effects, including displacing the land, wasting water, polluting the air and having an effect on the living conditions of the local communities, as well as being linked to the funding of war. Laboratory-grown diamonds, however, have a far more ethical and sustainable footprint.

We have collated five of the best brands that use only lab-grown diamonds, so the next time you are treating yourself or someone else to something sparkly, you can be sure that your conscious is clean.

If you talk about it, it’s a Dream, if you Envision it, it’s a Possible, but if you are Schedule it, it’s Real.

Tony Robbins

Spring is finally here—even though it doesn’t really feel like it, with temperatures hovering at just about freezing for much of the country. But, if the power of positive thinking works for mastering the problems of everyday living, who says the power of positive decorating can’t do the same?

Spring your mind forward with a lilac flower-inspired pot or, if real flowers are more your thing, a barely-there vase lets nature take center stage.

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Come dinnertime, the intimate group of guests was first ushered into the foyer for a staircase…
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Come dinnertime, the intimate group of guests was first ushered into the foyer for a staircase…
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Although there doesn’t seem to be much hope of a Friends reunion episode any time soon, the…
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